Wedding Style 101: Which Style Best Fits You


You have fallen madly in love with your significant other and you two have officially announced your engagement to family and friends. All the excitement, all the cheers, and all the stressful planning is coming at you all at once and you have yet to figure out where the wedding will be held and most importantly, what style of wedding it will be. Though the excitement and fears have not settled down, we got some wedding style ideas to help you ease those frantic thoughts of yours. We’ll go over the most common wedding styles to prepare yourself for the big day.


If you’re a hopeless romantic and love all things in floral design, soft hues, and decadent lighting then you may be a perfect fit for the romantic style wedding. The name itself seems self-explanatory but don’t forget that romantic weddings consist more than just the rose-petal décor. Invitations written in beautiful calligraphy, elegant jewelry, and chandelier-like décor all perfectly depict a romantic wedding.


You may be wondering what a vintage wedding would look like and luckily enough, we know how to exactly paint the picture for you. Generally, vintage theme weddings pay an homage to either the Victoria era, the ‘20s or the ‘40s. So be prepared for rustic ensembles, retro attire, and antique style décor.


Forget about the traditional like wedding and all of what it entails, modern weddings are here to break away from the stigma and show off its unconventional wedding theme. Think of geometric décor, bold yet sleek patterns, and hip structural backdrops when it comes to modern weddings because it’s all about not conforming to pop culture.


Enjoy the conventional and formal like wedding? It’s hard to beat the classic traditional wedding in all its black tie and princess ball-gown wedding dress glory. If you enjoy the formality of simple yet beautifully floral arrangements and decorations, then you may have just found your perfect match. While there are varied wedding styles, many still choose to hold a traditional wedding and we see why.

Ready for Your Themed Wedding?

Now that we have gone over the most common types of weddings, it’s time to settle in and begin planning your dream wedding. Luckily, Revere Golf Club provides the best venue fit for any type of wedding theme and full-service staff to promise you the most memorable wedding yet. For more information contact us.