Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2019


Wedding enthusiasts to engaged couples, it’s time to begin the search for new wedding trends of 2019! If you’ve already started web surfing and Instagram searching on what’s the latest on weddings, then you know 2019 is going to be a big year of chic trends. Before you begin overwhelming your loved one with scrapbooks of wedding ideas, let’s go over the top 5 trending wedding ideas for 2019.

“Less Is More” Wedding Dress

2019 will be a big year of simple yet refined dresses, like Meghan Markle’s ivory silk dress hand fully crafted by Clare Waight Keller but without the burden of an expensive price. Minimalism is becoming the new obsession and luckily enough, it helps all brides-to-be practical while still looking glamorous. With the influence of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, simple has become the new fad and less is now more.


Green scenery surrounded by vibrant, yet earthy design of flowers and a rustic opulence will transform wedding styles for 2019. Nature-inspired décor fits alongside the beauty of simplicity but also fitting a forestry fantasy for all tree-huggers. Be prepared for all the nature themed venues this next following year because we fully expect garden of Eden style weddings.



Influenced by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, eco-conscious weddings have now become a serious trend for weddings. It’s all about promoting the eco-friendly lifestyle so, best expect for your guests to assume you’re holding an environmentally aware wedding. You’ll most likely see a surge of Instagram feeds on how little to zero waste is used for weddings in 2019.


Small Plates & Eateries

You don’t have to worry about providing an entire buffet for all your wedding guests because small, yet shareable plates are coming on the rise next year.  Instagram worthy food will continue to be one of the primary influences for wedding styles and it helps to show off these cute plates on your feed. These shareable foods will help break the ice for your seated guests to interact and overall are cheaper than a bigger sized menu.


High-Tech Wedding

Ever heard of video-mapping or drones at a wedding? If not, its time to start getting familiar with these terms because they are debuting huge in the next following year. Drones are perfect for those panoramic and candid shots at a wedding.  While video mapping allows for an artistic visual to wedding cakes and backdrops.


Ready to Trend Your Wedding?

Join the 2019 trend train and beginning planning your wedding with all the necessities mentioned above. Luckily, we offer a venue perfect for all the required essentials at a wedding. Contact… and start planning your dream wedding.