Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule a tour online here.

Fill out this form and our Director of Sales can email you a PDF containing all the current availability for 2020 and 2021.

Yes. Just go through one of our wedding brochures and narrow down your selections. Email those selections to our Director of Sales at and he will email you back an estimate within 24 hours.

If your event requires outside catering, please contact us and we will work with you.

We have created a completely customizable planning process. You get to choose what is included in your package to ensure you are getting the wedding of your dreams. Our sales manager will help building the perfect package for you and your wedding budget.

Please feel free to reach out to our sales staff to learn more.

Yes. Our Executive Chef and Sous Chef have more than 50 years of experience combined between the two of them, and can custom make different preferences or ethnic cuisines. Custom menus come with custom pricing, so let us know what you are looking for and we will work with you to create something special.



You’ll receive five hours total on property for a ceremony and reception, or reception only. Additional hours may be purchased to keep the party going.

A ladies changing area will be available starting 2 hours prior to the function. This is a great space to change and add final touches before walking down the aisle.

Yes. The only stipulation is that our county fire code requires the candles to be enclosed on the sides and base with some type of protection, most commonly glass. We don’t allow any candles with an open flame without protection, except for the unity candle presentation on the ceremony site with management approval.

We recommend the newer “Sand Ceremony” trend which offers the same symbolism. It’s a lot like the unity candle service, except that colored sand is used to avoid wind or flame issues that commonly come up by using candles outside.

We shuttle all of the guests between the reception and the ceremony sites on Revere property. We do ask that on the invitation for your guest arrival time, you put 30 minutes ahead of the actual time you would like the ceremony to begin. This gives us the time to shuttle all of the guests out to the ceremony site. We do not offer transportation to destinations off-site.

Yes. You may offer your guests two to three different choices in their invitation. In doing so, we do require meal indicators for each guest’s food choice. This can simply be done by placing name cards with the guest’s food choice on each place setting. You can represent the food choice with specific colors, symbols or text. We do have an on-site wedding coordinator that will be able to work with you to ensure all these details are taken care of.

An array of linen colors are included in the package. You get to choose your napkin color and floor length table linens for cocktail hour and your reception. LED candle centerpieces are included and can be used with or without a floral upgrade. All tables, chairs, flatware, glassware and plates are included. Our wedding coordinator will help you create your dream reception during the planning process.

Yes. You may come on premises up to 2 hours prior to the ceremony to take pictures.

You may come 2 hours prior to the ceremony. At this point, tables, chairs, and linen will be in place. Please coordinate all early arrivals with your wedding coordinator.

Generally, yes. This not only prevents open chairs from depleting seating capacity, but also serves as guidance to your guests on where to go. Assigning specific seats is not necessary but general table numbers is recommended.