Corporate Event Trends in 2018


Hosting a corporate event is a great way to keep your employees happy and a great opportunity to promote team building. In 2018, corporate events continue to evolve with companies trying to find new ways to train, engage, and promote teamwork. Below, are the 3 top trends in corporate event planning this year.

  1. Incorporate local flavors- Who doesn’t love food, right? Take into consideration the location of your event and search out popular local restaurants that will cater. This will bring a little extra flavor to your event and tie in the local flavor and your event location. “We take pride in all food that comes out of our kitchen but when we include local ingredients in our dishes, it gives that dish a story to tell,” says Executive Chef at, The Revere Golf Club, Brooks Buchanan. Brooks can tailor your menu to incorporate local Vegas flavors or can create a signature drink for your event based on company type or its corporate culture.
  2. Go Green!- There is no better place to go green than at a golf course. The golf industry has been making great strides with “go green” initiatives. Make your event environmentally responsible by using recycled materials for cups, plates, and swag bags. Your employees and guests will take a greater sense of pride in your company because you are showing them you care about the future.
  3. Offer more engaging activities- Employee engagement is a constant struggle for most companies. Incorporating engaging activities during your event can help keep employees focused and engaged with your event. Golf courses are a great place to do that. We can create fun, engaging golf-related activities such as putting contests, chipping contests or even a short golf clinic. Offering different activities can help total event engagement by breaking the ice through activities like golf.

As companies continue to find ways to reach out to employees, having unique, engaging events has become a priority. When hosting your next event think about location. A great place to host your event is at a golf course. Golf courses provide not only elegant and large space but, extra activity capabilities such as putting contests, driving ranges and chipping greens. To find about bookings with The Revere Golf Club, contact Tom Badley (702) 617.5757.